Ultra flexible streamer, server, player
2021 version, faster, more options

Sonicorbiter based. Nova software offers many advanced features

The most flexible store/stream/play system available

SSD or <12TB internal HD storage with SSD for programme/library index

Can 'Roonify' non Roon Naim, Linn, Melco network players etc

All models have operating system and library database on SSD

High power versions for Roon/HQ Player upscaling etc (Roon includes local playback option)

No fans. No noise. All aluminium, low resonance chassis, heatpipe cooling

Flac, wav, alac, aiff, mp3 etc including PCM 768K, DSD 512 and streaming services

CD ripper drive option (Rip lossless to regular flac or uncompressed)

Switch between: LMS, Roon Server, MPD, DLNA, SONOS, HQ Server embedded, HQ Player, Minimserver, PLEX, Bubble, Airplay Input. Or run multi-apps on same music library to different playback devices. (For Roon server you need a Roon licence or free trial)

Play to USB, network or NAA (microRendu etc) from internal drive, NAS or external USB drive inc playback to ALL NAIM/Linn network streamers from Roon (even old ones, see below) (Also Melco, Moon etc)

Bridged Ethernet versions have 2nd network port allowing NAA device such as microRendu, ultraRendu, network DAC, SoTM etc to be attached directly (select Bridge Ethernet option)

- Power: 12-20w, ~60w peak (Xtreme ~100w peak) Lite version, 8-12w, ~35w peak
- Ports: USB x 2 (DAC and back-up) Gigabit network
- Size: D240mm x W220mm, H60mm (CD version 75mm high) (+ 8 mm, feet)
- MX and XL versions have EMF treatment to ram and data SSD

Prestige 3 standard with CD/1TB SSD normally in-stock. Other models custom (5-10 days)

Tested roon DSP up-scaling performance (Standard model, others much faster)
44.1Khz to DSD256 (x3.1), (DSD128 (x5.4), (DSD64 (x10.4)
44.1Khz to 192Khz (x17.9), 384Khz (x10.7), 768Khz (x5.7))

Systems CPU comparison (V9 minimum specs 2020)

Roon Nucleus has a dual core i3 with 4GB of RAM
Roon Nucleus+ has a dual core i7 with 8GB of RAM

We use low-energy, high performance versions full-spec CPUs (not puny laptop type devices used in many other products) Standard is dual-core, 2 thread (Gen 4). PLUS is enhanced dual-core, 4-thread (Gen 4). MX is quad-core (Gen 6), XL is hex-core or quad-core, 8-thread (Gen 8/9) Xtreme is hex-core, or octa-core (Gen 8/9). Specifications subject to change

Lite is available as SPDIF/AES versions (for Dutch & Dutch etc) Uses J1900 (approx 50% speed of standard Prestige))

Hard drive versions copy CDs to SSD during playback. Next time CD is played it will usually play from SSD (100+ CD cache) (So drive is mostly on standby. Non-cached option, on request)

Roonify older devices: With the Prestige Sonore Bridge SW you can connect old NAIM/Linn non-Roon ready units. With NAIM you can stream to other devices in-sync by starting your playback on the NDS, opening the Naim application, and accessing the 'now playing' screen. Click on multi-room icon and select the other devices you wish to stream to:


Roon certify specific models but as we offer many variants Prestige is not certified. It is similar to certified products based on Sonicorbiter SW. (SonicTransporter and Antipodes Servers) If using Roon use the 'Enable Local Playback' option on Settings/Roon Server, or use Roonready on an external renderer, such as microrendu, ultrarendu etc as on-board Roonready is no longer supported

User Guide Nova Software

Review(s) posted

Audiostore Prestige 3 - John Williams
I have been using this music server for a few months ,a really excellent server with great sound ,wonderful.Been trouble free but if there is a small software issue Martin is always happy to sort it out..He really is a one of a kind,polite,funny and attentive and with great knowledge.Just taken delivery of a Keces P3 on Martin s advice so things can only get even better.Thoroughly recommended

Prestige MX - Gavin
Works faultlessly as a music store and Roon server. In-built Sonore bridge Roonifys my old Naim network players too. There are plenty of other features and the flexibility the Prestige offers will probably see me through many music player upgrades. As an added bonus I also use this as a NAS drive for my work documents, photo's etc. Martin is also extremely helpful, and when Microsoft disabled SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support affecting many network storage systems, he helped me identify a fix.

Prestige 3, Alimentation 120VA et switch Uptone Etherregen - Bruno Mazières
Après avoir construit mon système autour d'un lecteur Linn Akurate DS3, je me suis penché sur l'optimisation de l'amont. Utilisateur d'un NAS et de Qobuz, l'essai (transformé) de Roon m'a amené à réfléchir à l'opportunité d'un serveur dédié Roon Core. Après une rapide étude de l'offre, j'ai contacté Martin qui a répondu avec précision à l'ensemble de mes questions suite à divers échanges. L'approche sur mesure me semblait parfaite, et je suis parti sur un Prestige MX 16Mo + son alimentation linéaire séparée et un switch Etherregen. Après quelques semaines d'attente, le colis arrive. Les éléments sont parfaitement protégés et l'installation un jeu d'enfant. Une fois les éléments raccordés, il m'a suffi de transférer mon Core de mon Mac au Prestige et... c'est tout. Pas beaucoup de temps d'écoute mais une première impression d'un message comme apaisé. Bref, je recommande chaudement Audiostore et cette solution !

Audiostore Prestige 3 MX - Russell Carter
Without wishing to sound like a broken record (or whatever the streaming equivalent is) I fully endorse the previous reviews in respect of both Martin at Audiostore and the Prestige 3. My requirement was to improve upon the streaming performance of a NAS, obtain the optimum performance from Roon, and enable Roon support for an older generation Naim streamer. Martin explained the options available to me in a thorough and professional manner and I decided upon the Prestige 3 MX using the pre-installed Sonore Bridge software. The build quality of the unit is first class and setting the system into use was straightforward, although if required support is just a phone call away. A number of software apps can be installed on the Prestige via a few clicks in simple web-based interface, as easy as installing apps on a mobile phone. This allowed the unit to be configured to fully meet my specific needs today and act as a base should I wish to upgrade in the future. I have certainly noticed an improvement in audio quality and operation has been faultless from the outset. Highly recommended.

Audiostore Prestige 3 MX - Andrew H
I chanced upon Vortexbox when looking at alternative ripper/NAS/Streamer solutions to the main brands' products which strike me as very expensive for what they are. After several discussions with Martin I eventually settled on a Prestige MX with 1.2TB of SSD storage which I purchased together with the Chord Qutest and ISO Regen. The Prestige has excellent build quality, operates silently, rips CDs quickly and has easily enough processing power to support upsclaing in Roon to the Qutest's 768khz PCM/DSD512 limit. Martin was incredibly patient with me and generous with his time by phone, email and in person in Tunbridge Wells, where I was able to hear the Prestige/Qutest/ISORegen combination alone and in combination with various other NAA devices. I am very pleased with the sound quality of the Prestige/Qutest/ISORegen and believe this provides a strong platform for future upgrades such as linear power supplies and/or NAA device, for which I will have no hesitation in returning to Martin for expert guidance. Martin's knowledge and enthusiasm are matched only by his commitment to customer service all of which make Vortexbox an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Replacement NAS - Stephen Pritchard
I run a Naim HiFi system which has relied on a music library based in a Qnap NAS. The NAS serves various purposes and was getting a bit long in the tooth, rather than replace it I thought I would look at getting dedicated music server. I discussed the options on the Naim forum and listened to some Melco and Innuous examples at my dealers, but I was not impressed. Thus I decided to look at bespoke computers instead and was directed to the Audiostore. I have now had the Prestige 3 for a month or so and am impressed. First, as a music server using minimserver I noticed a marked improvement in sound quality; music was crisper, somehow cleaner. Second, searching for music was faster, and third I was able to use Roon to enhance my listening experience. Finally, Martin provided exceptional technical support; not only when I setup Roon, but also when talking through the various options for the Prestige. I can not recommend Audiostore highly enough. I am now enjoying my music again.

server for dutch&dutch 8c - naeem
I bought a pair of these speakers earlier in the year and was struggling to get them going as they only take an AES input signal digitally. I have had a Vortexbox appliance for many years and have been very happy with Martin's support. After several discussions with Martin he came up with a bespoke solution- I upgraded to a Prestige 3 type of system and it is working brilliantly. Very simple to use and the sound is fantastic. Martin is a pleasure to deal with and I cannot recommend highly enough.

Tremendous music maker, great value and wonderful, knowledgeable support - Ian Kershaw
After auditioning high end music servers from Melco and Innuos, I contacted Martin to explore the merits of the Prestige 3 server, as both a UPNP and Roon Core music server. Martin is incredibly knowledgeable and generous with his time. End result was a purchase of the XL specification server with SSD storage. The build quality is superb, reliability has been flawless, the selection of pre-loaded applications is spot on and it is so very, very easy to install, use and tweak via the Sonicorbiter web address. Martin has subsequently been most helpful with ongoing support for other parts of the streaming system. An absolute pleasure to deal with.

Great product and brilliant service - Dave
I bought the Prestige 2 about a year ago in order to store all my music and run Roon. It was less expensive and more versatile than Roon's own Nucleus product, offering a wide range of other facilities in addition to Roon. Since I bought it, it has performed flawlessly, and transformed the way I listen to music as I hoped it would. Network streaming can bring its own challenges, and Martin has been unfailingly generous with his time and help in resolving mine, despite them having nothing to do with his excellent product. If you are into Roon, or streaming generally, this range of products and level of support deserve to be very high on your shortlist.

Sound Quality is Everything - Steve F
For my first venture into servers and streaming I bought the Prestige, microrendu into the Quetest dac from Audiostore. I was not expecting sound quality coming close to my Naim CDX2/XPS2 but I was wrong. Convenience does not come at the expense of sound imaging, depth and transparency. An excellent source and storage combination into my Naim amplification. Excellent service and advice from Martin, who's enthusiasm is truly infectious. Steve

Thoroughly recommended - Adrian M
This is a remarkable product combining state of the art access to streaming, internet radio, Squeezebox, ROON, album cataloguing etc. It makes proprietary HiFi products seem primitive in comparison. Product support is quite simply amazing. I am so pleased to have bought the Prestige. It has opened up a whole world to me that I could not have accessed in any other way. Thoroughly recommended - not least because of the expertise accessed and the very high sound quality achieved. It is an eye-opener

Great Product - Amazing Service - Jin Choi
I am testing and exploring (digital) audio devices since quite a while. My digital frontend currently is flawlessly run by Roon on an Audiostore Prestige 2 Server with SOtM sMS-500 and sMS-200 Ultra. The Prestige is equipped with SSD and XL Chip. Just amazing and flawless performance. Even better than that: Martin's service and reaction time are unparalleled. 100% recommended for enthusiastic audiophiles looking for SQ AND Service.

Everything I had hoped for - Pete Johnson
I'm new to music storage systems so I set about undertaking research before spending any pennies. Eventually I thought I knew what system was best for me. But all this changed after a conversation with Martin in Audiostore who pointed me in a different direction, the right one. I've been using my vortexbox for over a month now and it's great, everything I had hoped for (linked to 2Qute, Naim pre/power and KEF 105-3 speakers). Not only is Martin an expert in this specialised field he is also generous with his time and very helpful.

As good or better than the high-end brands - Mike
I am really flabbergasted about the sound quality! I heard quite a lot of so called high end streamer/servers but this little machine is just as good or even better. I use a HDplex linear PSU which improves the sound quality to an even higher level than the standard PSU, and I expect the system will sound even better after some time burning in. Thanx for a great system at a reasonable price. Regards, Mike

Great reliable, silent but powerful music server for Roon and upsampling - Alan
I've had the pleasure of dealing with Martin at Vortexbox UK a few times now and highly recommend both Martin and his products. He's really knowledgeable and takes the time to listen and help you get exactly what you need. In my case what I needed was a silent, rack friendly server to run as my Roon Core and support upsampling. This through Martin led me to the Audiostore Prestige 2 which is a terrific music server. It was an absolute breeze to set up and pair with my Sonore MicroRendu as Roon NAA/end-point. The sound quality is great and it's been completely reliable just sitting there silently, looking great and available whenever called upon to provide music - which is very often in my household! In my case I'm upsampling to DSD128 for my PS Audio Directstream DAC and it's never sounded better. Highly recommended! Great high performance server and real value for money at this price point.

Audiostore server with ripping - Magnus Karlsson
A very fine and good sounding server. A good or even better Roon server than sonic transporter. I use it with a microRendu end. The ripped cds I've ripped so far sounds especially good in uncompressed flac. Easy job and bliss finds my covers. I got the version with more power good for upsampling to DSD in Roon, remains to be tested though. Thanks Martin for good support. Regards Magnus