How to Roonify your system (NAIM, Melco, Linn, Moon etc)
This can allow Roon use with a non-Roonready system such as NAIM NDS

Method 1 - Using Sonore Bridge Software (Network connection)
Connect via network. No complex settings etc are required!

Power on Nova system
On your Roon control App, select Roon system, add Roon password. Do not set a storage location - it is pre-set. In Roon Settings enable 'Squeezebox Support'

Turn on Naim etc. Set to Media input - set volume on low
Power on a computer. Open a browser
Go to Click into Nova Interface
Go to Settings/Sonore Bridge
You Naim etc should be detected. Select and Save

Go back to your Roon Control App. In Roon/Settings/Music you should find a Network Player called Sonore Bridge, or Nova or Sonicorbiter
Select the player - Roon will ask you to give it a name

Select the Player from the Speaker icon at the bottom of the page
Play music

Method 2 - Using USB to SPDIF or a DAC (Hardware connection)
Connect into hardware input on streamer

Connect USB DAC or USB to SPDIF converter
Go to Nova/Settings/Roon Server and tick: Enable local playback in Roon Server
In the Roon interface you will find a 'local' player

Notes: Onboard SongKong option in Nova Apps can integrate your NAIM wav library (Paste in the 'Melco' licence option)