How to Roonify your system (NAIM, Melco, Linn, Moon etc)
This can allow Roon use with a non-Roonready system such as NAIM NDS

Method 1 - Using Sonore Bridge Software (Network connection)
Connect via network. No complex settings etc are required!

Suggested sequence:

Power on Nova system
On Roon control App, select Roon system, add password. Do 
not set a storage location - it is pre-set
In Roon Settings enable 'Squeezebox Support'

Turn on Naim etc. Set to Media input - set volume on low
Power on computer. Open a browser
Go to
Click into Nova Interface
Go to Settings/Sonore Bridge
You Naim etc should be detected. Select and Save

Go back to Roon Control App
In Settings/Music you should find a Network Player called Sonore Bridge, or Nova or Sonicorbiter
Select the player - Roon will ask you to give it a name

Select the Player from the Speaker icon at the bottom of the page
Play music

Method 2 - Using USB to SPDIF or a DAC (Hardware connection)
Connect into hardware input on streamer

Connect USB DAC or USB to SPDIF converter
Go to Nova/Settings/Roon Server and tick: Enable local playback in Roon Server
In the Roon interface you will find a 'local' player